Buddhism is a practical philosophy for self-improvement & developing greater happiness. It is also fun. This site details some the many enjoyable activities of practicing Buddhists.


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  • Five Facts about Buddhism Monk contemplates the Autumn foliage Buddhism is a way of life that encompasses the detailed study of psychology, philosophy, logic and meditation. Importantly Buddhism only concerns itself with the aspects of these subjects that benefit people. For example, comparing Buddhist learning to a secular learning would be like comparing chemistry to medicine. Medicine, it could be said, is the study of chemistry that can benefit people. Buddhism encourages you to find deep, abiding happiness by the shortest possible route. There is no benefit in penance or 'paying your dues'. The Buddha and the proceeding 3,000 years
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  • Q: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" A: "The sound of one hand clapping koan that became a cliché. OK then. . . Q: What is a koan? A: Koan are sometimes referred to as "Zen riddles". They are short "problems" assigned by a Zen master to a student. The student meditates on it to break thorough their reliance on conventional logic. Background Early Zen masters in China used unconventional methods of training. Yelling, striking students, apparently illogical conversations and behaviour and preventing students from taking notes. One of these methods was koan. Most koan are situations and related questions
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  • Zen Phrases & Sayings After rain, the green of the green mountain is greener. If you want to know if the gold is true, test it with fire. In the fire, pure gold shines even brighter. A thief cannot enter the gate of a mindful home.
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  • Zen Poetry Around 1230 AD Zen Master Wu Men wrote: Spring’s myriad flowers Autumn’s harvest moon Summer’s cool breeze Winter’s snow When useless thoughts don’t fill your mind, Every season is the best season. In classic Zen tradition, Master Wu Men summarised a huge teaching into a tiny poem that referenced nature. Zen teaches the path to happiness with as few words as possible. For them, even good words are unreliable shadows of the truth. I won’t damage the poem by explaining it. Its meaning is clear enough. The original Chinese characters add extra beauty to the poem since they
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